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I'm a corporate writer and digital producer who plans and creates web sites, change communications, speeches, thought leadership, annual reports and more.


Journalism, public affairs, media relations, corporate writing — they are all sides of the same Rubik's Cube. Each provides some memorable moments. Here is my Delightful & Dirty Dozen* . 

Covering the Royal Tour of Australia by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He was much more down-to-earth than we had been led to believe. She was even more beautiful in person.

Interviewing Harrison Ford before the launch of Blade Runner. I can tell you how he got that big scar on his chin.

Chasing fire engines and ambulances and knocking on doors at six in the morning with flowers for grief-stricken parents before saying something like: “Sorry for your loss Mrs Smith, but can you tell me what sort of boy Tom was, and do you have a photograph I can borrow for the first edition?” After that, everything else in journalism was easy.

Being offered $5,000 by a property developer to write positive articles about a controversial building project in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. You know my response, of course.

Waiting in the boardroom of one of Australia’s Top 20 companies for an interview with its CEO, to be greeted on his arrival with: “What the !@#$ am I doing here and who the !@#$ are you?”

Interviewing New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange — the coolest person I have ever met. And a wicked sense of humour.

Being a losing contestant on TV dating game show Perfect Match. It was for the behind-the-scenes story. Really! 

Listening to a very senior Telstra executive — who is no longer with the company but must remain anonymous — say at an internal meeting in 1995: “This fixation with the internet; It won’t last.”

Trying to explain to the NSW Minister for Police that, as his press secretary, a good day for us was when we were NOT in the news. 

Dying a slow death in front of 150 business executives when, during a presentation about the wonders of e-commerce, the technology failed me.

Sitting next to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on a 14-hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and never quite summoning the gumption to hit him for an interview. I’m still not sure why.

Staying at the 6-star, all-suite Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with CSI-type views down The Strip. Junket journalism at its finest.

Interviewing the former Mayor Of New York, Rudy Giuliani, six months after 9/11. He had just been named Time magazine's Person of the Year.


* Just too many to keep it to 12.